A timelapse video documenting the installation of Sprawl, Sydney, September 2013

SPRAWL / Project Notes

Sprawl was originally conceived as a playful response to the ongoing gentrification of inner city Sydney. The first incarnation of Sprawl occurred in September 2013, on a street in an industrial precinct of Sydney that is currently undergoing a process of gentrification.

The process of building the installation mimics urban sprawl, as the miniature city spreads outward and upward like a malignant organism.  Each cardboard box, emblazoned with its own brand, is a reminder of the consumer economy that drives these urban processes. Installed within an urban environment, Sprawl metastasizes in the hidden nooks and crannies of a city, as a form of ‘infill’ development - a common component of the gentrification process. 

Sprawl aims to highlight concerns about rapid population growth and consumer-driven economies on a planet with finite space and resources.

SPRAWL. St Peters, Sydney. September 2013.